About Us

Idar Anjana Patidar H.K.M Arts and P.N. Patel Commerce College

Our college was established by Uttar Sabarkantha Uchcha Kelavani Mandal Idar in 1970 with the aim to serve the educational needs of the rural and developing area of north Sabarkantha. Our main objective is to provide society with competent men and women who have attributes of functional and social relevance, mental ability and physical dexterity, effectiveness and reliability and above all, the confidence and capability to communicate effectively and exercise initiative, innovation and experiments with new situations. The management of our college has a definite vision of achieving excellence in being an ideal educational institution, which is being materialized by the sincere efforts of all concerned stakeholders. Our college is engaged in the pious work of moulding the young people who are the builders of the nation.

The college was started with the noble aim of opening the doors of higher education to the rural youth to whom it was a distant dream. In the beginning, the College had a humble beginning with less than 150 students on the roll, but it has now grown into a major Centre of higher learning and is contributing towards enlarging and deepening the process of higher education in this rural and tribal area. At present it has student strength of over 4564 (2021-22). We were awarded “Best College Award” by Government of Gujarat.

Our college has reached its present level due to dedicated team work of our teaching and administrative staff and constant support and encouragement from the management and the people of our area. Our college is throbbing with academic and extra-curricular activities.

Our Student's Say
  • To achieve excellence in higher education through sincere efforts of all concerned stakeholders.
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure and other supporting facilities to achieve the vision of the Institution and also to review, revise and update the existing facilities and systems periodically to match the demands and needs of the changing times.
  • The Holistic develoment of the rural youth of area.
  • To make good quality higher education within the reach of the common people of Idar town and the many surrounding villages in the region and to ensure that the education imparted would not only enrich the students’ knowledge but also instil discipline, self-confidence and human values which would help them to become responsible citizens of the country.
  • To make available higher education to the students of Idar town, taluka and other adjoining talukas at affordable cost.
  • To instil good discipline and help all round development of the students.
  • To make the students aware of their social obligations by conducting various extension activities.
  • To promote communal harmony by admitting students belonging to all castes, creeds and communities and treating them all equally. To ensure that all our students mature as patriotic and responsible citizens of the country by celebrating all national festivals like the Independence Day and the Republic Day along with various cultural activities.

 Present Management Committee (2014-2019)

Name Designation Business of Profession
Dr. Vinubhai J. Patel President
Mr. Prithviraj Chunilal Patel Vice President
Dr. Jayntilal Chunilal Shah Vice President
Mr. Jayntibhai Bahecharbhai Patel Vice President
Mr. Lilachand Bahechardas Patel Vice President
Mr. Ashwinbhai Narayanbhai Patel Vice President
Mr. Dahyabhai Khushalbhai Patel Secretary
Mr. DushyantKumar Manilal Pandya Secretary
Dr. Harishbhai A Gurjar Secretary
Mr. Shashankkumar Jayntilal Mehta Treasurer
Mr. RanvijaySingh Rajendrsingh Champavat Treasurer